Keeping Food Simple with NUTRO™

I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series for Socialstars™.

At NOBREAD, we focus a lot on nourishing our bodies. Sometimes the best way to do that isn’t by eating out the city’s top hotspots, it’s by cooking a nice, simple meal at home with the finest and freshest ingredients nature has to offer.

You’ll probably notice most NOBREAD recipes are uncomplicated and require few ingredients, not only because they’re easy to make, but also because we don’t feel the need for the ingredient equivalent of fancy bells and whistles to make good food.

We totally feel the same way when it comes to what we feed our pets. Despite being a different species, there are a ton of similarities between humans and dogs, especially internally. Just like us, pups need lean meats, healthy proteins, and leafy greens to keep them fueled and happy.

We’ve found a dog food that includes the exact same ingredients, the end product just happens to look a little different. If you’ve been following along on the blog, you’ll see we’ve been talking a lot about our latest and greatest discovery for
any pet owner, NUTRO™ Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dry Dog Food. This clean dry dog food is just the best.

The brand pledges the sole use of simple, nourishing ingredients – as a matter of fact, they take it one step further by making their philosophy “NUTRO. FEED CLEANT™.” It’s rare we find a brand we can identify with so intensely, even though we can’t eat the food ourselves!


Photo by Analiese Trimber

The next time you’re at the pet food store looking for a wholesome, trustworthy brand to switch up your pet’s dinner game, be sure to check out NUTRO. Neither of you will be disappointed!

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