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LA friends, you’re in luck! I just discovered an amazing service that delivers locally sourced, farm-fresh produce to your home! I’m kind of a nut (and by kind of, I mean a HUGE nut) when it comes to produce and where it is sourced from, and if I could pick up all my ingredients and produce from a farm myself I totally would. This is why I can be found at Farmers Markets 2-3 times a week! Well Milk And Eggs saves me from traveling to farms, and from having to go to the markets so often!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You place order online
  2. Farms deliver to our Sorting & Aggregation Warehouse (SAW) at night
  3. Driver (Emissary) heads to our SAW (Sorting & Aggregation Warehouse) in the morning
  4. Picks up deliveries
  5. Drops off deliveries in the morning


All of my favorite brands are featured on Milk and Eggs, which shows how they truly source the best of the best! Vital Farms Eggs, Silk, Earth Exotics, and more! My favorite feature on the website is how visible they make the nutritional info of the product. I only eat wild fish, and a “WILD-CAUGHT” symbol is front and center on all wild fish! Same with the Poultry. NON-GMO, HORMONE FREE, FREE RANGE, ANTIBIOTIC FREE, and more symbols are front and center, so you can trust what you are purchasing! And of course they have a GLUTEN-FREE symbol, too!


I’m totally in love with the Milk & Eggs service, and I’m excited to continue using them. You can sign up as a weekly or bi-weekly subscriber, or make one-time purchases.

Head to their website here and check them out!

**Use code nobread for 20% off any order

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