My Workout Routine!

I am constantly asked what I do for workouts! Well, would you believe me if I told you I don’t have a gym membership?! Gyms stress me out… and I find it hard to stay motivated when I am there!

I moved here from New York City, the city of walking. And before my NYC days I went to Cornell University where I walked 30 minutes uphill to classes every day and all over campus. So when I moved to Los Angeles, the city of driving and traffic, my walk time was seriously cut down. And not even cut in half… it was cut into a tiny little fraction! So what do I do to remedy this little situation? I walk around my neighborhood MINIMUM once a day (I aim for twice a day on a good day!) for at least 40 minutes per session. I’m a brisk walker, so I definitely break a sweat, too!

Living in Los Angeles enables me to do so many activities that keep me in great shape! I hike at least twice a week, go roller blading with my girl friends in Venice, and ride a bike whenever I can!

So that’s it… you just walk and do activities? NAH. I also do classes, but classes come second to getting my walk(s) in!

Currently I am on a pilates kick! I discovered this class in LA, Hot Pilates, thanks to Selena Gomez. TRUE STORY. I heard she goes to all the time, and she looks bomb, so I decided to go and try it out one day. It’s Mat Pilates in a 95 degree room! The sweat I break here is unlike the sweat I break in any other class. My full body is DRENCHED by the time we are half way through.

I highly recommend the intro special: $100 for unlimited classes in your first month! After the first week I was AMAZED at the new definition I was seeing in my body.

They also offer a range of classes, from classes that focus on your booty, to an all over sculpt (my go-to), to a yoga style pilates. I go to sculpt most often, but definitely hit some of the other classes to change it up. And given the studio has so many different teachers, no two classes are ever the same! Even if you go to the same instructor religiously!

Studio MDR is another Los Angeles based fitness class, anddddd BOLD STATEMENT ALERT. It is the HARDEST class in Los Angeles! And by that I mean hardest in the best way possible! You will be sore AF the next day, yet the class is fun, the teachers are awesome and energetic, and your body will legit see results after just one class. Take Mary Miller’s class!!

Because I know the majority of you reading this post want to know what classes I take, here’s my list of specific classes!

I do yoga once a week and I go to Core Power (c2 or Sculpt) or Modo Yoga. I call Core Power “the Soul Cycle of yoga.” It’s a more upbeat yoga, with a bit of a sexiness to it. For the real deal yoga, where you are in touch with your center and your being, go to Modo! You’ll sweat a ton in both. Recently I’ve tried y7 a few times and I like it! It’s all flow, and it’s different because there are no mirrors and you are in a dark room. I like this because I don’t stare at myself in the mirror and judge myself. Thinking ‘hey I’m bloated today’ while trying to connect with your soul is pretty distracting, and y7 removes this!

Other workout classes I’ll throw into the mix! 
Class by TT- Los Angeles, Vancouver, NYC. A totally spiritual experience. Think yoga meets mat pilates, with chanting and a bit of meditating. Exotic and you’ll be sore the next day, too.
Barre 3– Nationwide- Fricken love this class! I wish we had one in Los Angeles, so instead I do it every time I go back to NYC. It is Barre but with a TON of movement! So you’ll get a bit of cardio in, too!
Training Mate– Los Angeles. Circuit training with stud Australian instructors! One minute stations that you do on repeat. A tough workout, and SUPER fun. PS- buy their calendar.
Sweat with Bec- Bec is MY GIRL. Raddest human I know, and her bands will transform your body. If you are in NYC, take this class!!

Right now my girlfriends and I are on a dancing kick!  We’ve been doing private classes, but I’m told the Sweat Shop (Silver Lake) and Edge (WeHo) are the spots to go for group dance. Even the most simple dances are SUCH a cardio workout!

As you can see, I try not to do anything more than once or twice a week. My body responds best to diversity!! What workouts do YOU do?

xx, Nicole


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