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“Are you Celiac?”
“No, I’m gluten intolerant.”

“How do you know?”

There are a few reasons why I know that I am severely intolerant to gluten.

  1. After removing gluten from my diet, years of chronic illness and unexplained health problems were cleared.
  2. Food intolerance testing.

Food intolerance testing has been a HUGE part of my life over the last 8 years, and I credit it with saving me from many of my problems. Pinnertest is one of these tests. Made to diagnose food intolerances, NOT food allergies, Pinnertest takes a tiny blood sample and diagnoses both temporary and permanent intolerances.  Given that it’s been a bit since my last food intolerance test, I was super excited when Pinnertest reached out.

A simple poke to the finger and two weeks later, I had my results! pinnertest

Your sensitivities are given a +1,+2, or +3 given their severity. The first food to come up red for me was… SHOCKER… WHEAT! In my first ever food intolerance test, wheat and gluten were off the charts!

pinnertest1 pinnertest3

I was devestated to see cocoa show up! But I’m honestly not surprised. I’m a chocaholic! And I don’t feel too great after I eat it… but I’ve always blamed that on how much I ate!

Other foods to show up in the red category: cane sugar, artichoke, and garlic.

Rather than focus on the negative, I try to focus on the positive! AKA the green columns. Sweet potato and white potato are two of my favorite foods, especially when I use them to make baked french fries and sweet potato fries. Looks like this midday snack won’t be topped off with a bite of my gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate bar! sweetpotatofries1

To learn more about Pinnertest, visit their website here!

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