Quinoa taco bowl no chorizo at by Chloe



Postmates is changing the way people order food and everyday items. Founded in 2012, Postmates allows anyone to get any product delivered to their location in under one hour. The Postmates app connects the customer with a local courier who goes to the store and purchases and delivers goods from any store or restaurant to the customer’s door. With a presence in 70+ cities, including all of the NOBREAD featured cities (New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco,) Postmates has made ordering takeout and everyday items even easier.

We here at NOBREAD are big take-out fans, and luckily Postmates features a large number of gluten-friendly restaurants. Here is a list of our top 5 NOBREAD New York City finds on Postmates!

gluten free and vegan avocado toast at by Chloe

by Chloe

Since opening almost a year ago, by Chole has taken NYC by storm. The menu is 100% vegan and the majority of the menu is, or can, be made gluten-free. NOBREAD favorites at by Chloe include the Spicy Thai Salad (ask for no crispy wontons to make it GF), the Classic Burger served on a gluten-free bun and made from a tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut combo, and the GF Mac n’ Cheese! No meal from by Chloe is complete without an order of their air baked sweet potato fries and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie…or two!


The Meatball Shop

Everyone knows gluten-free meatballs are hard to come by when ordering out. The Meatball Shop has become a favorite among the NOBREAD crowd thanks to their delicious gluten-free chicken meatballs! Order the chicken meatballs with either the classic tomato or pesto sauce on top of the daily roast veggies for an amazing dish that will have you dreaming of the meatballs from your childhood! Also be sure to try the freshly milled polenta!



If you are looking for amazing gluten-free versions of your favorite gluten-filled Italian dishes, look no further than Rubirosa. All of the pizzas can be made with gluten-free pizza crust, and all pasta dishes can have GF spaghetti or rigatoni substituted in. Try Rubirosa’s famous vodka pizza or the Caprese pizza… these two are the restaurant’s most popular! If you are not in the mood for pizza, order the gluten-free chicken parmigiana with GF spaghetti!

Avocado toast on gluten free toast at The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter

Craving delicious, healthy vegetarian food? Then The Butcher’s Daughter is the place to order from. Some of the most popular dishes include the avocado toast (just ask for GF bread), the Kale Salad, and the Tacos Verdes. The Kale Salad is 100% gluten free and has avocado, sunflower seed tahini, green apples, toasted sunflower seeds, and smoked sea salt. The Tacos Verdes are made out of romaine lettuce ‘tortillas’ and have cilantro, avocado crema, and tempeh. Don’t forget to order a juice as well! The Butcher’s Daughter is known for their incredibly popular juices. Personal favorites include the Green Juice which is made out of kale, green apple, and cucumber, and the Honey Bee which is made out of grapefruit, honey, bee pollen, and kumquat.

Create your own gluten free salad at Sweetgreen NoLiTa



Ditch the boring salad and order from the chain that has raised the (salad) bar. Sweetgreen offers a wide variety of signature salads and grain bowls, and the majority are gluten-free. If you are in the mood for a salad, order the Kale Caesar filled with shredded kale, parmesan crisps, and roasted chicken, or the Avocobo packed with bacon, egg, and, of course, avocado. If you are in the mood for a grain bowl you cannot go wrong with the Harvest Bowl which consists of organic wild rice, apples, and sweet potatoes. Just make sure to specify that you want NOBREAD!


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