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Gluten Free brands are emerging left and right, each rivaling each other in uniqueness and taste. So what makes a brand stand out? Exactly that. Uniqueness and taste. Also history, mission, and dedication to the gluten-free community around the world.

Schar started in Italy over 35 years ago, which may surprise some as Italy and gluten-free aren’t exactly synonymous. Especially 35 years ago!! But the brand has been a total hit in Italy, and their impact in the U.S. has been no less significant.

I’ve tried Schar gluten-free bread in the past, as well as their Honeygrams, but with such a diverse product line I haven’t had the chance to try everything. Until now!

First, I have to start with the Honeygrams. Does anyone else miss graham crackers as much as I do?? Graham crackers were one of my favorite snacks growing up, and these taste just like I remember! My S’mores eating days are back!

Next, CROISSANTS! I went to my local bakery multiple times a week growing up so that I could have a chocolate croissant for breakfast. And on mornings that I didn’t go to the bakery, I cooked Pillsbury croissants and would eat the whole pack by myself! When I saw the croissants in my gift bag I couldn’t contain my excitement; they were the first item I cooked! NOTE: you will see on the croissant package that the croissants contain “wheat.” Per the Gluten Free Mall, the croissants contain “gluten free wheat starch.  Wheat starch is the carbohydrate component that is left after processing wheat flour to remove the protein portion.  Schar has determined this product is safe for individuals with celiac disease, but not for those with wheat allergies.” PHEW!

Now to the bread category. Yes Schar has gluten-free breads, but their product line is absolutely one of the most unique out there! Deli style bread, Hot Dog Rolls, Baguettes, Crispbreads, and flatbreads!! Seriously, I’ve never seen a gluten-free baguette so long! I’m also constantly comparing gluten-free breads to one another, and this bread tastes SO much like gluten-filled bread it’s wild! It also is ‘fluffy,’ a trait many gluten-free breads lack.

Lastly, I have to talk about all of Schar’s snacks! I already touched on the Honeygrams, but Cocoa Wafers, Butter Cookies, Oat Biscuits, Cheese Bites, Snack Cakes, Table Crackers, Italian Breadsticks, and Chocolate Hazelnut Bars round out the crew, and they are all must-haves!

Schar goes out of their way to make the gluten-free feel as though they are back in their gluten-full days, and with so many product lines there is a Schar product for everyone!

To find Schar products near you, check out their Store Locater, here!  And to buy online, visit a third party site such as the GlutenFreeMall or Jet.Com to purchase!!

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