You may have noticed my new favorite beverage, Spindrift, all over my Instagram feed. With vibrant, fun packaging, it should have been hard to miss! I first found Spindrift a few months back while sitting at a Le Pan Quotidien in New York City. You know when a café makes you buy something so that you can continue working away, but you don’t actually want anything other than the café’s wifi? Yeah it was one of those situations. Well, when I went to the counter to buy a water I saw my first Spindrift; America’s first and only sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit.

I ordered the Cucumber Spindrift and one sip had me totally obsessed. I could taste the actual cucumber! I’ve never thought that with any other sparkling water I’ve had before! As I sat in LPQ for three back-to-back meetings, I went to the counter between each meeting to purchase a Spindrift! Blackberry was next, followed by my fave, the Raspberry Lime.

As the team says, their drinks go “from farm to bubble” because they are made with REAL fruit! Spindrift currently comes in seven flavors ranging from Orange Mango to Raspberry Lime to Cucumber and each flavor is INCREDIBLE. The amount of fruit used in each beverage is just right and one can will have you feeling totally refreshed.

I was in awe. And you know how I am when I become infatuated with a new product. I do everything in my power to contact the team and tell them how much I love them. The Spindrift team invited me to their offices to learn more about the whole innovation process behind their new fruit flavors, and I was able to go when I was in Boston the other week! I helped create a Strawberry Basil flavor from scratch in their innovation lab! We also experimented with white grape and peach… I felt like such a scientist! The amount of detail and attention put into the process is amazing! When I recipe develop, I know when to add a little bit more of X and take out just a touch of Y, but doing this with fruit was totally new to me!

I also had the opportunity to interview Spindrift’s Founder, Bill Creelman, this week and learn more about his journey and the inspiration behind American’s new beverage obsession. When I asked Bill what gave him the idea and motivation to turn his once soda company into a sparkling water company, he summed it up best, “people love bubbles,” and there was a need to make an equally delicious beverage without the sugar. He was also shocked that no one had made a sparkling beverage with real ingredients! He soon learned the reason why; the process is incredibly labor intensive! A huge supply of fresh ingredients is needed and the produce needs to be in season and from the right places (around the world)!

So what’s next for Spindrift? A new 16oz can is out now, and more, REAL fruit-flavored drinks are in production. This is just the first chapter for Spindrift, and I’m so excited to see where the book goes!

You can find Spindrift at Whole Foods or Traders or Target – so when you’re already buying your favorite snacks for the week you can swing by the water aisle and stock up. This week I purchased my supply (Raspberry Lime and Cucumber) from Trader Joe’s and it was SO cool to see that the Spindrift was almost gone, meanwhile every other beverage was fully stocked! Clearly Los Angeles is catching on to the Spindrift craze!!


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