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STOLI GOES GLUTEN FREE! I am SO Excited to share the news! It’s official… Stoli has released Stoli Gluten Free Vodka. Yes, we in the gluten-free community can now enjoy Stoli’s high-quality and smooth taste without any hesitation! In fact, Stoli has become the first global vodka brand to create a completely new vodka recipe and product made from naturally gluten-free ingredients.

Current gluten-free vodkas are typically made from 100% corn or 100% potato; Stoli Gluten Free is made from 88% corn and 12% buckwheat, adding a unique taste and bold flavor. You can definitely taste the difference and the smooth finish makes it great for cocktails!

You might be thinking… aren’t all vodkas gluten-free? While the distillation process can remove the majority of gluten proteins from the sprits, there is currently no scientific testing to verify this claim. In order to label and market distilled spirits as “gluten-free,” the U.S. TTB requires products to be made with naturally gluten-free ingredients.

People always ask me if my gluten allergy prevents me from drinking alcohol. The answer? Sometimes! Beer is a no-go, and I’m not sure about you, but my body does not allow me to drink certain distilled spirits. No gluten shouldn’t mean no alcohol! If an alcohol is made from naturally gluten-free ingredients, I’m all in.

With summer around the corner, I’ve already started experimenting with a few recipes and I’m excited to team up with Stoli to share my creations. Gluten-free Moscow Mules, Martini’s, Gimlet’s and more… here I come! Cheers!

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