Chicken Detox Salad

Anyone who says eating salad is boring clearly hasn’t tried this one! I’m not a salad girl myself; my diet usually consists of cheeseburgers (nobread) and fries. Buuut, this salad is the bomb (and actually tastes much better than it looks, IF you can believe that).

What You’ll Need:

½ white meat chicken breast
½ avocado
1 tbsp balsamic dressing
A handful of cherry tomatoes
A pinch of salt
As much spinach as you want

What You’ll Do:

Place chicken into a well-oiled pan (usually this means covering the pan with butter, but you can use canola or vegetable oil if you feel like being healthier), sprinkle with a pinch of salt and cook until done.

Cut avocado into cubes, wash spinach and tomatoes and combine in a bowl. Then cut the cooked chicken into strips and place in bowl. Cover with as much balsamic vinegar as you want.

Pro Tip: I always have trouble cooking my chicken totally through. So, I cook the full ½ breast until it’s mostly done on the outside. Then, I take it out of the pan and cut the chicken into strips and throw them back in the pan to keep cooking. This not only makes cutting the chicken into strips or cubes easier (because cutting raw meat is hard), but it also allows me to see that I’ve actually cooked the meat totally through! (bye, bye salmonella)

P.S. Adding the pinch of salt allows for your chicken to be really juicy which adds flavor to the dish!


Hope you guys enjoy the recipe!


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