Pasta Flyer

Mark Ladner, Executive Chef of Del Posto, is highly acclaimed and praised amongst us in the gluten free community. Not only did he spearhead an effort to make Del Posto’s menu more accommodating for gluten allergies, but he successfully developed a gluten-free replica of everything on Del Posto’s menu, and he did it phenomenally well.

This week, Chef Ladner kickstarted his campaign to create Pasta Flyer, a gluten-free pasta bowl restaurant that he hopes to bring to NYC this Fall.His goal is to have diners who follow the nobread diet but miss pasta come to Pasta Flyer and remember how delicious pasta can be. Through his technique that enables him to serve any combination of pasta shape, sauce and side in 3 minutes, diners will be guaranteed a 100% gluten-free meal (all pastas will be made in a gluten-free certified facility). I’ve had some great gluten free pasta in NYC, but I have yet to experience gluten free pasta from a dedicated gluten free pasta shop. I’m dairy free, too, and I always have to ask for nobutter and nocheese on my pasta. At Pasta Flyer, you will have the flexibility to choose exactly what is put into your dish and ensure that everything is 100% tailored to your allergy and liking. What could be better?!

Chef Ladner makes gluten free dining easy, delicious, and fun, and I look forward to the success of his new venture. The Kickstarter hopes to raise $85,000 by July 3rd in order to break ground on their gluten-free facility. Not only will Ladner and his team be giving back to the community with their new shop, but they also intend to give 5% of the funds raised to the National Celiac Disease Society’s college scholarship program. If the pasta at Pasta Flyer is ANYTHING like the gluten free pasta creations at Del Posto, you should expect this to be more than just tasty, fast-casual gluten free food. Whether you’re part of the nobread crowd or not, delicious pasta is on its way to New York City… I hope to see you soon, Pasta Flyer!

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