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Despite my best intentions to eat a complete meal, my on-the-go lifestyle often has me unable to do so! This is why I’m incredibly thankful for KIND Bars. For one, KIND Bars seem to be more widely available than any other healthy snack bar. While there are countless varieties of healthy (and more expensive) snack bars at health food stores, only KIND can be found at virtually any grocery/convenience store, Starbucks, and even in vending machines! But never mind the convenience—KIND Bars boast many more nutritional benefits than your typical vending machine snack. Not only are they made with recognizable ingredients, but also most bars have only 5 or less grams of sugar and at least 5 grams of fiber. With flavors like Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, they taste as delicious as a candy bar, just without all the sugar and processed ingredients.

My favorite attribute of KIND products is their variety. Not only do they offer 30 different varieties in their classic KIND bar line (which includes their Fruit & Nut, Plus, and Nuts & Spices subsets) they have several other lines, such as Healthy Grains, Breakfast, and STRONG & KIND bars, as well as high(er)-protein granola, which is great alone as well as on top of yogurt. Thankfully, all of their products are gluten-free so you don’t need to do any label reading in the store!

KIND, as a company, is just as wholesome as their bars. In fact their mission is not just to make healthy snacks, but also to live up to their name by spreading kindness around the world through acts both big and small as part of its KIND Movement. By supporting KIND, you are also supporting all of their charitable acts.

While KIND bars have been around since 2004, the company is constantly adding more flavors and lines, like their new Breakfast bars, so that customers can always find something they like and are never bored. I already had a few favorite flavors of KIND Bars (aka all the dark chocolate ones 😉 ), but the new Breakfast bars definitely give them a run for their money! Bars packed with KIND granola, but in a convenient package that can be eaten on-the-go without a spoon– sign me up!

To learn more about KIND and their offerings, check out their website, here!

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