Hi guys! I realized that over the years I’ve done interviews and podcasts all about NOBREAD and I, but not once have I written a post about us. Well it’s time I answer the age-old question, ‘WTF IS NOBREAD?!”

Here it goes…

I was diagnosed with my gluten allergy when I was 19. I call it my “gluten allergy” versus “Celiac Disease” because at this time I was under the impression that I just had an allergy, not the autoimmune condition.

Any who, fast-forward 4 years and I was 23 and working at J.P. Morgan as an Equity Sales Analyst. I had THE job and THE life, but I wasn’t fulfilled. Partially because a large part of my job was client entertaining, and every day and night that I went out with my clients, I ended up sick or taking Benadryl/some other pill to mask how ill I was. “Gluten-free” wasn’t trendy or cool by any means in 2013, and I always felt uncomfortable telling my colleagues, clients, and the restaurant staff about my condition when I ordered. When I did have the chance to inform people of my allergy, given the lack of gluten awareness out there, I wasn’t confident that people understood what I was talking about or really grasp how severe my condition was.

I took matters into my own hands and started a restaurant guide, outlining gluten-free meal options at New York City’s hottest restaurants. This guide, which still exists on my website, provides a review, photos, and custom gluten-free menu options. This guide has since expanded to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, D.C., London, and San Francisco! I have a temporary pause on launching more cities, even though the information I have on the city guides is invaluable. I hope to resume city launches soon!!

OKAY BACK TO WTF IS NOBREAD, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m not a restaurant blogger anymore. NOBREAD now includes (and is mainly comprised of) my gluten-free recipes, product features, travels, and wellness tips. As NOBREAD grew, I realized it was important to cater to gluten-free people outside of just the cities my restaurant guides were in. Gluten-free is UNIVERSAL, and NOBREAD needed to be too.

My recipes can be made by anyone, anywhere, anytime and my travels are meant to show that you can still travel the world with your allergy. The world is slowly but surely catching on to the gluten-free lifestyle! I’ve had gluten-free croissants and pastries in Paris and gluten-free bread and pasta in Italy. Not only do I show you the dedicated GF spots in each country or place I travel to, but just like my U.S. city guides, I show you the best gluten-free options at local hotspots. And of course, just everything else cool and awesome about the city/country!

But there is a greater purpose to NOBREAD. It is a message I hope to really start emphasizing going forward. YOU CAN STILL LIVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY (and gluten-free life) while having FUN. Let loose and eat those crispy gluten-free French fries when you are out (in moderation), and at your next meal, stick with something home-cooked and simply prepared. Go out with your girls and have a margarita, OR sub a margarita for a healthier cocktail like a tequila soda, and in the morning, take a hot yoga class!! Life is about BALANCE. A healthy life and a fun life shouldn’t be incongruous. I’m never ‘the drunk one’ or the ‘unhealthy eater’ but I indulge because otherwise I would go CRAZY!


As I really work on honing in on and owning this, you can expect blog posts on the following topics:

ALCOHOL and Going Out
Traveling Essentials
The Right Questions to Ask While Dining Out
My Go-To Meals and Snack Brands
Fitness and Workout Plans
Why I Get IV Drips
What To Order When You Dine Out

NOBREAD, once a restaurant guide, has become my life (Nicole Cogan) as ‘NOBREAD.’ As I mentioned earlier, I was first diagnosed with a gluten allergy/intolerance, and in later years I have been diagnosed with Celiac’s as I carry the Celiac gene and my blood tests indicate so. I have not done an endoscopy to confirm this. My thought on this is that if I am going to live my life the same after the endoscopy as I am living it today, than why undergo the stress of the test? In the past, surgeries and procedures where I’ve needed anesthesia haven’t been the kindest on my stomach. This is just my thought process… doesn’t have to be yours!

Xoxo, Nicole a.k.a. NOBREAD

The ‘Refreshing’ Smoothie with Vital Proteins

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for my first time with the Vital Proteins team! A trip to Mexico and a healthy retreat sounded incongruous, but thanks to Vital Proteins collagen tubs everywhere, I made it work just fine! Mainly because I started each day with the smoothie recipe below. Enjoy!

What You Will Need:

1.5C Unsweetened Almond Milk
Handful of Spinach and Kale
Handful of Raspberries
3 cucumber slices
2 scoops @vitalproteins Marine Collagen
1/2 Avocado
Squeeze of Lemon

What You Will Do:

Add all ingredients to a blender, starting with your nut milk.
Blend on high until fully incorporated. Add a few ice cubes, too, for a colder smoothie!

To purchase your Vital Proteins collagen, click here!


When in Europe, stop in London! Well that’s my motto at least. I’m convinced I will live in London at some point in my life, and this trip to London during the beautiful summer weather has me thinking this move will be sooner rather than later. I stayed in Chiswick, about 30 minutes outside of the action and where I usually stay, but I loved it just as much!

The first place I hit was As Nature Intended for some groceries. This little market is Chiswick’s mini Erewhon. I love going to markets in different countries, because I am introduced to all products I haven’t seen before. I can also judge how far along a country is in the gluten-free, health-foods game by checking out their markets. Some products I found this trip:

  • RAW Seed Crisps- these seed crackers were available in 4 different varieties, and reminded me of my Moon Juice seed crisps that I am addicted to. Protein packed from the seeds!
  • Pulsin- These bars were everywhere… even the local yoga studio I went to! Most of the bars use cashews, which I am intolerant to, so I didn’t indulge, but given they are everywhere they must be pretty popular!
  • Vego chocolate- I didn’t find Vego chocolate this trip. A friend of mine introduced me to Vego about a month ago and forever changed my chocolate eating life. This is the BEST. CHOCOLATE. I. HAVE. EVER. CONSUMED. Sorry Hu Kitchen Hazelnut Butter chocolate, this hazelnut butter chocolate bar has bits of hazelnut in it and tastes like pure fudge! I was so happy to see the bars everywhere in London, and I totally stole a few back to the states with me.
  • The Primal Pantry- I tried three flavors of this bar and LOVED all of them! Made with hemp protein (I’m super into hemp right now) and a few other all-natural ingredients, the bars have flavor, protein, and are low carb.

Every time I go to London, my first stop is Farm Girl Cafe.  Not only is it the most adorable cafe tucked away in an alley in Notting Hill, but the menu is incredibly gluten-friendly. The menu notes gf, df, nf, and v, offers my favorite meal pairings, and serves a whole range of lattes that you can order with almond, coconut, hazelnut, or soy milk! I recommend the matcha, butterfly (blue), beet, charcoal, and turmeric lattes and for the coffee drinkers, the Rose Latte. For meals, I recommend the gluten-free tacos, avocado toast on gluten-free bread (SO much avo!!), Gf tacos, avocado toast, and Farm Salad with pesto and chicken.

After we went to Farm Girl Cafe, we went to Sketch! How have I not heard of this place before- it was so cool and such a treat! Located in Mayfair, Sketch is a tea shop/café/ cocktail bar. They serve their tea menu until 5, and you can also indulge in great cocktails. It has such a cool vibe, especially if you go during happy hour, and make sure you check out the bathrooms- the “egg” stalls look like mini rocket ships!

Chiltern Firehouse is one of my favorite places to go when I am in London. I suggest going for pre- or post-dinner drinks. Tequila and chips, aka fries, for me… always. Sit in the courtyard or at the hotel bar. You will definitely meet some cool people here.

For dinner we went to The Palomar, an Israeli hotspot. Essentially everything is gluten-free except the falafels, and ask for no croutons on the Fattoush Salad and order cucumber with the dips instead of pita. Oh, and no pasta, of course. Check out my full review here to see what I ordered! The staff deserves a A+ for their kindness and service… I HIGHLY recommend going here!

My trip to London was so quick, but in asking my followers for their favorite matcha lattes, I learned of Farmacy. Think Café Gratitude meets a gluten-free oasis. Their menu notes GF, NG, R (raw), and V, and they have the most INCREDIBLE menu of lattes and smoothies. I ordered the matcha latte with coconut milk, and I was happy to see a matcha latte that was more than the standard café 4-6 oz. WHATEVER you do, order the gluten-free and vegan oat-based waffles with homemade nutella and coconut yogurt. These were the best waffles I have ever consumed. Full review here!

London, my trip to you was too short. To say I had anxiety as I left is an understatement- I was freaking out and want so badly to cancel my flight and stay a bit longer! I will be back VERY soon.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Welcome to Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, the most beautiful hotel in Mykonos (full post here). I had seen this property on Instagram before, but never thought I would have the opportunity to stay here. Well, an unfortunate series of events left my friends and I homeless in Mykonos, and Cavo came to our rescue!!

The Property:


Cavo describes themselves as a “seductive world of luxury” and this statement sums the resort up to a T. The vibe is sexy and chic, the clientele is sophisticated, the rooms are luxurious and pristine, and the amenities are first class. We were given a two bedroom, two bathroom suite with a common area and outdoor patio complete with daybeds, lounges, and a POOL. Pictures 2, 3, and 4 are of my suite, and picture 1 is of a room that literally has a CAVE built into it. Yes, the pool runs through the suite and under a CAVE. Now THAT is luxury.


Whenever I travel, as convenient as it is to eat at my hotel, I prefer going out and exploring local restaurants and hotspots. At Cavo Tagoo however, I wanted to eat every meal on-site. The food was absolutely AMAZING. From Greek dishes like the Greek Salad (nobread) to the extensive sushi and sashimi options, to classics including Salmon and chicken skewers (no teriyaki), every item on the menu was a TEN. I was apprehensive to order sushi, because why order Asian cuisine when in Greece?! But the fish is SO unbelievably fresh in Greece, that the sushi and sashimi dishes were some of the best I ever had!

Greater Mykonos:

To read more about my Mykonos trip, check out my blog post here!


I first went to Mykonos when I graduated college with a few friends. Everything about Mykonos amazed me. The food was exceptional and the sunsets were next level; the trip honestly felt like a Honeymoon! When a group of friends and I decided to go this summer (7 years later), I was beyond excited. For a full month I anticipated the trip- dreaming of Greek food, the beaches, and of course, the parties!!

Well, our trip was filled with extreme highs and lows. We were staying at a private villa, and robbed silly on our first night. #NOBREAD = #NOPASSPORT. The safe was taken right out of our wall! Thankfully, we were determined to not let this experience ruin the trip, and we made the most of it! The most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, adopted us, and thanks to them we had an incredible experience.

Okay burglary talk done. Let’s get to it!

On our first day we went to popular beach, Principote Panormos. The beach club is filled with daybeds by the water, and tables for lunch and dancing are just 50 yards or so back. For lunch we ordered Beef Carpaccio, Octopus on Fava Bean Puree, FRIES, and a bunch of items containing gluten for my gluten-eating friends (fried calamari etc). I was totally pleased with the three items I was able to eat, but I watched in AWE as the tables around me ordered the whole fish (it is de-boned table-side). The fish is ordered by the pound and meant to serve a family/large group. It comes on two HUGE platters- one platter has the fish, and the second is filled with sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. This is for sure the way to go!


That evening, we went to the perviously mentioned Cavo Tagoo where the owner treated us to drinks and a stunning platter of fruit and dessert. If you are visiting Mykonos and haven’t booked a place to stay, stay here. And if you already have accommodations, go here for sunset!! The cocktails are delicious and the view is literally breathtaking. I talk about it more in my blog post, here, but my go-to NOBREAD orders at Cavo were the skewers with no teriyaki sauce, Salmon Sashimi Salad with no soy sauce, Waygu Burgers with nobread, Greek Salad with nobread, alllll of the SUSHI, and alllll of the fries.

After drinks at Cavo, we hit Sea Satin Market, the absolute coolest, best place EVER. Make a SUPER LATE dinner reservation… like 11PM late. For dinner, order the classics: delicious Whole Sea Bream, Grilled Calamari, Grilled Octopus, and Greek Salad. Then get ready for the ultimate dance party! Around 12:30PM or 1AM, everyone starts throwing their plates on the floor and breaking them, dancing on tables, and getting rowdy! The food here was simple and flavorful, and very gluten-free!

On our second day, after Cavo Tagoo adopted us, we hung out on the property and didn’t hit any of the places recommended to us. We were pretty shook up from our whole ordeal. On our final day, however, we were back at it and went to the beach club next to Scorpios for lunch!

Love the vibe here and the food was delicious. By this point in the trip, I learned that everywhere you go you should order the whole fish with vegetables and potatoes. The fish here was the MOST flavorful I’ve ever had. The skin was perfection and it was served with the most delicious grilled veggies and oregano fries. Post this trip I have a newfound love for oregano.

Going into this vacation I was so excited to check out the infamous “Nammos” and “Scorpios” beach clubs, but sadly because of our incident, we were too exhausted to hit Nammos on Saturday, and we had to leave Sunday night to head to Athens for new passports so we had to miss Scorpios Sunday.

Incident aside, Mykonos was BEAUTIFUL. I will absolutely be back in the future… and next time I’m bringing my own security, ha!

48 Hours in PARIS

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with my gluten allergy. Nine years ago was also my first time in Paris, France. The city of love. Also the city of bread. Needless to say, I was the unhappiest tourist in Paris. Watching my siblings indulge in fresh baked croissants and loaves was quite hard, especially as I munched on rice cakes. Well nine years have passed, and I am excited to report that I had the most incredible 48 hours in Paris. From the delicious gluten-free breads and baked goods to the restaurants and activities… I did 48 hours in Paris RIGHT. And I want you to, too!

My friends and I met in Paris on our way to Mykonos and checked into the Prince de Galles Hotel. Located about ten minutes (walking) from the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and more, the hotel was not only beautiful but also extremely convenient. I am the queen of walking, and if it’s possible, I walked more my two days in Paris than I walk in an average week in Los Angeles. I even gave my New York walking days a run for their money!

First stop- breakfast. Our concierge told us La Belle Ferronniere was one of the most well known cafes in the area, so we gave it a try. Whenever I am in Europe I go to town on eggs, because they are fresh, richer, more flavorful, and the yolks are a nice, dark orange. Aka how eggs should be. I ordered the three egg omelette with herbs, and my friend ordered three fried eggs with prosciutto. Both entrees were absolutely DELICIOUS. There were no added oils or butter (ew) to the eggs, and they tasted so GOOD. It goes to show how food taste is so easily compromised when once processed.

Three bakeries in Paris I was told I must hit were Noglu, Helmut Newcake, and Chambelland. I decided to skip Noglu, as I’ve been to the location in NYC (although I’m told the one in Paris is even better!) and I hit Helmut Newcake on the first day and Chambelland on the second. Helmut Newcake is a 100% gluten-free bakery. It is super tiny, with no seating inside and just 3 small tables out front. I was a kid in a candy shop! The café serves everything from cookies and breads to éclairs and cakes. I am dairy-free, too, and the pastries that were dairy-free were clearly labeled. A good friend of mine told me I MUST order the chocolate éclair. If I wasn’t sold just by her suggestion, I saw the éclair had hazelnuts on it, and chocolate/hazelnut is my favorite combination. I can’t remember the last time I had an éclair!! The filling was so creamy, I had to go back inside and confirm that there really wasn’t any dairy in it. Turns out the dairy-free fillings are made with nut milk instead of cream!

That night for dinner we went to the famous L’Avenue. L’Avenue is most popular (and sceney) at lunch, but given our time crunch we went for dinner. Don’t worry, it’s just as sceney in the evening! Or I should say at night. We dined at 9pm at the tables out front, and it was still bright out! It doesn’t get dark in Paris until about 10pm this time of year!

L’Avenue’s menu is kind of my dream. Think of your favorite French Bistro’s menu, but make the cuisine 100x better. To start we ordered the Pommes Frites- best French Fries I’ve ever had. Just the right amount of salt, and cut shoestring style so you can indulge without feeling too full. We also ordered the sliced avocado, which consisted of two avocado halves sliced super thinly and dressed in olive and salt. Another homerun dish. For mains we ordered the prawns and lobster. My friends also indulged in the burrata (I’m dairy-free so this was a no-go), and the tuna tartar which I also sat out because it had soy.

On Day 2 we decided to check out the Eiffel Tower and hit the 10 district (I was told this was the Brooklyn of Paris).

For lunch, after visiting the tower, we stumbled upon Café de L’Alma. The café was beautiful and a bit on the upscale side. The first item listed on the menu was an Aperol Spritz… no shocker there! Throughout the week, everywhere I turned people were sipping on Spritz’. When the waiter came to take our order, my friends ordered their Spritz’s, and when I declined he joked, “why, are you driving?!” Drinking is such a big part of the French/European culture! The menu had everything from King Prawns, sliced avocado, salads and omelettes, to heavier dishes like free range chicken breast and seared sea bream.

I was amazed and impressed at how meat, poultry, and fish are served SIMPLY cooked with fresh oils, unlike America’s desire to drown everything in sauce. PRO TIP: The gluten culprit I had to constantly watch out for in Paris was soy! (And of course, bread). Tuna tartar and tuna dishes are generally dressed in a soy vinaigrette and therefore a no-go.

At the cafe, I ordered the baked eggs with crushed tomato (no cheese) and a side of the sliced avocado. This baked eggs dish was INCREDIBLE. Honestly one of the best I’ve ever had.

In the 10 district, we went to Chez Prune for Spritz and tea. I LOVE the 10 district, and although it was ~30 minutes outside of where we were staying, we were SO happy we made the trip. Sadly we didn’t get to the area in time for the Bastille Market (which is there on Thursday’s and Sunday’s), but we walked up and down the canal, people watched, and enjoyed our stroll.

Chambelland, gluten-free bakery number 3, was in this area! Again, everything is gluten-free, with select items dairy-free, too! I ordered the sugar loaf with chocolate and orange. You can have your loaf served whole or sliced into mini squares. This loaf was SUPER interesting… I’ve never had anything like it! It was somewhere between bread and a pastry, and the orange added just the right amount of sweetness. Contrary to what I had heard, their famous chocolate chip cookie is NOT dairy-free. For my matcha drinkers, they also have matcha/green tea! But no steamed nut milk, so no lattes!

That evening we hit the town. Our first stop was Monsieur Mouche. This beautiful bar on the water was awesome! Delicious cocktails and a cool, trendy vibe- dress to impress! This bar was located right by Crazy Horse, or the “Moulin Rouge for locals.” This was one of the COOLEST burlesque shows I have ever seen. Yes there was nudity, but it was classy AF. I’d go with my parents, friends, boyfriends, whoever! It was SO cool and the highlight of our Paris trip. Tables are served champagne as they watch, and a bread and cheese plate, which I clearly did not indulge in, ha!

The last stop on our Tour de Paris was Hotel Costes, the most recommended destination by all of our friends. For my New Yorkers, think Bowery/Mercer Hotels, and for my Los Angelinos, think Chateau/Sunset Tower. The hotel is dark, the vibe is chic, and the clientele is sophisticated for sure. Hotel Costes might be my new favorite place in Europe! Oh and to top it off, the menu was the same as L’Avenue! Did I mention the menus note a special gluten-free salmon and avocado sandwich?! I didn’t order it on either occasion, but totally plan to on my next trip. We basically ordered all of our favorites from the night before, plus a few additional items and rounds of tequila, because it was our last night in Paris so why not?!

Paris was INCREDIBLE. When it comes to food- order an omelette, prawns, fries, or main course entrée that is simply grilled- you can’t go wrong! When it comes to beverages- order a Spritz- they are everywhere! And when it comes to your experience- do yourself a favor and go with a solid crew like I did. We were all smiles, ALL. THE. TIME.

xx #nobread