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I’ve been seeing Clean Program all over social media the last few months. Bloggers and non-bloggers alike posting their before and after pictures and exclaiming how amazing they feel after completing the program successfully. Cleanses aren’t really my thing. In fact, when I hear people say they are on a cleanse (especially a juice cleanse), I tend to roll my eyes. But the Clean Program had me intrigued. Two smoothies a day plus a clean lunch, alongside a regimen of probiotics and daily supplements sounded right up my ally, so I decided to pop my ‘cleanse cherry’ and give it a try! I mean, eating everyday food while experiencing the benefits of a deep cleanse… sold!

There are two Clean Program options- the 7 day program and the 21 day program. Here’s how it works:

BREAKFAST: Shake + supplements + probiotics
Lunch: Clean Diet Meal + supplements
Dinner: Shake + supplements

Given my crazy social life, it was hard enough for me to do the 7 day program. You shouldn’t eat out on the cleanse, you should do your best to not snack between meals (unless the snack is totally clean approved), and you must intermittent fast (leave 12 hours between your last meal of the day and first meal of the day). I will note, that while doing clean, if I knew I was having dinner with friends one night (a home cooked dinner, not out at a restaurant) I had a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and my clean meal for dinner. This is totally allowed on the program!!

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When I embarked on the program last week, I needed it bad!! I had just returned from 10 days of travel and was so out of my “start your morning with a smoothie” routine, I had eaten out for the majority of my meals, and let’s just say I’m not one to turn down a cocktail at a party… or the late night snack.

The verdict? I more or less have a very clean diet (just my travel makes it tough). I start my day with a clean approved smoothie naturally, and my lunches and dinners are very clean. My problem is snacking and sweets in between meals. So whereas some may say holy sh*t the Clean Program is SO tough, experience bad detox symptoms etc, I didn’t necessarily have that problem. That’s because I always take probiotics and when I return from travels, I do my own two smoothies a day and eat a clean lunch regimen. I can tell you, however, that when I started my smoothie diet and the first time I did my own little “travel recovery program,” I definitely felt super lethargic, irritated, HUNGRY, and had the occasional flu-like symptoms, and I understand from others that this is what they experience when doing Clean.

I did Clean Program at the same time as my two girlfriends which was SUPER helpful and I highly recommend! That way, we were able to collab on our smoothies and turn to each other with our questions or when we feared we were about to cheat. This is DEFINITELY the way to go! Clean Program also makes it easy by giving you their Clean approved protein powders (Vanilla or Chocolate) and tells you exactly what foods are and are NOT allowed.

So to really give you my verdict: I totally believe that you will experience a deep cleanse with this type of program. As long as you stay COMMITTED! Just whether you do the actual Clean Program or make your own is up to you!!!

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