Vanilla Avocado Smoothie

Recently I’ve become addicted to smoothies. So much that I will have a smoothie for Breakfast AND for dinner. What I love most about smoothies is the customization. Ultimately, each of my smoothies embody the Fab 4, a diet introduced to me by my nutritionist, Kelly Leveque. The fab 4 includes protein, fat, fiber, and greens. Recently, my morning smoothie has been a variation of this Vanilla Avocado Smoothie. It’s so creamy and SO filling!!

What You Will Need:
1.5C Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Nut Milk (you can sub nut milk varieties!)
.5T Bulletproof Brain Octane
1/4-1/2 Avocado
1T Chia Seeds
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1 C Spinach

What You Will Do:
Pour all ingredients into a Vitamix, starting with your nut milk, and blend until smooth! (45-60 seconds). I also add ice to make it extra cool and feel like a true smoothie.

This smoothie fills my tall smoothie glass one and a half times! It is SO creamy and SO filling thanks to all the healthy fats and protein! I typically have my first smoothie at 7am and I’m not hungry again until 1pm. Most importantly… the avocado mixed with vanilla protein and vanilla nut milk has such a nice flavor! I literally crave my smoothie every day throughout the day. To change up this recipe, switch up the nut milk (unsweetened almond, coconut, or cashew) and the flavor/type of protein powder! Enjoy!

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    • Nicole Cogan
      Nicole Cogan says:

      Great qu! I use Aloha (check out my blog post on them!) or Tone It Up… either Vanilla or Chocolate for this recipe! xx

  1. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    Hi Nicole! I was wondering if this smoothie is single serving? And if I use almond butter as the fat can I use 2tbsp or is that too much? Thanks!!Xx

    • Nicole Cogan
      Nicole Cogan says:

      Yes, single serving! And a very filling single serving at that! I would do 1T almond butter in place of the avocado. OR you can do the avocado and 1T almond butter, but no brain octane.


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