Mad. Sq. Eats


Bangkok B.A.R.

  • **100% GLUTEN FREE**
  • Thai noodle and rice bowls

Despite my love of Thai food, I rarely have it so Bangkok B.A.R.’s pad thai was one of my favorite stands of the day. I might be biased because again, I don’t eat Thai all that often, but I was pretty impressed. Also if you’re looking for a filling meal and only want to stop at one stand, this is definitely your place. With large servings that come in a to-go bowl and optional protein-filled toppings like chicken, a fried egg, and peanuts, you are sure to feel satiated, making it the perfect quick lunch stop for people who work in the area. They also have a permanent location in the Gansevoort Market with a wider array of dishes so be sure to check it out if you don’t have time to make it to Mad. Sq. Eats before it ends!

bar suze bar suze2

Bar Suzette Creperie & Bistro

  • all crepes can be made with GF batter
  • regular and truffle fries are subject to cross-contamination so they should be avoided if you are sensitive

I already make at least one trip a week to Chelsea Market to get a crepe from Bar Suzette’s permanent location. However, they do not offer their truffle french fries there, so I was beyond excited to finally try them out. I’d never met a french fry I didn’t love, but Bar Suzette’s still exceeded my expectations. They weren’t quite thick-cut, but they were still big enough to hold onto the seasonings and herbs so that every fry was flavorful and fresh tasting. However, they were subject to cross-contamination in the fryer so anyone who was sensitive might’ve wanted to avoid them. I promise the crepes are still delicious enough that you won’t be missing out too much!


ilili Box

  • only a few sides are gluten free, but their flagship location (right near Mad. Sq. Eats) offers all of the sandwiches in a box, without bread

The limited selection was a little disappointing at first, but once we found out that the Brussels sprouts were GF, we were content.  With grapes, walnuts, and yogurt on top, the Brussels sprouts dish offered a wide range of flavors that went together perfectly. Our favorite part, of course, were the actual Brussels sprouts, which were perfectly crispy without tasting burnt. And if you’re in the mood for ilili Box’s Mediterranean food you can visit their small flagship location just down the road where they offer all of their sandwiches as salads.


Macaron Parlour

  • all macarons are **100% GLUTEN FREE**
  • fun and unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else

With so many macaron shops in New York City and the fact that macarons are a gluten free dessert mainstay, they can sometimes feel kind of boring, especially when compared to the off-limits Cronuts and Levain chocolate chip cookies that dominate Instagram. However, Macaron Parlour offers some truly unique flavors, such as Cheetos, rosemary and olive oil, and candied bacon with maple cream cheese. I got the chance to try the candied bacon with maple cream cheese, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I’m still a little hesitant to try the Cheetos flavor but maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it. Macaron Parlour also offers many classic flavors, so you will definitely still be able to find one to suit your tastes if you prefer to stick with your mainstays.



  • almost completely GF, just make sure anything that comes with a tortilla comes in a corn tortilla

Upon entering Mad. Sq. Eats, we immediately spotted someone holding some amazing looking Brussels sprouts. We knew we needed to find the source. After walking past a couple booths, we finally found it: Mexicue. We decided to go above and beyond the plain Brussels sprouts and instead ordered the Brussels sprouts and kale salad. Thanks to its sizable portion of black beans and large serving size, the salad was definitely a lot heartier than many of what other stands had to offer, meaning it could definitely serve as a meal. I personally can’t wait to go back and order it for lunch. The chili-citrus vinaigrette provided a nice flavor and coated the kale perfectly so it wasn’t so bland and hard to eat since raw kale can often be when not dressed properly. And the Brussels sprouts were definitely worth the hunt. While we appreciated the other components of the salad, we definitely still would have been just as happy with the plain Brussels sprouts.


Paella Shack by Barraca

  • both the kale salad and the corn salad are gluten free
  • the paellas should be gluten free but ask prior to ordering in case they change the menu

Don’t get me wrong, I love salad, but I still can never pictured myself saying the salad is one of my favorite dishes. However, both the kale salad and the corn salad at Paella Shack are delicious enough for me to proclaim that. Corn has always signified summer to me so the corn salad feels perfect for the beautiful weather that is now upon us. Its slightly sweet taste goes perfectly with the subtle bitterness of the other vegetables and the hint of citrus from the slices of orange. The kale salad is equally as light and fresh and also features a nice mix of complementary flavors. While we didn’t get to try the stand’s namesake dish, paella, we were still completely satisfied with just the salads. And if the salad is that good, I can only imagine how delicious the paella must be.


Red Hook Lobster Pound

  • lobster roll without the roll is gluten free

If you really like lobster, then we definitely recommend making a stop here. It really is the perfect warm weather food, as it is light and crisp like a fresh salad, but still substantial enough to actually fill you up! However, it is pretty pricey so if you’re iffy on it, hold off on this one. Also, they don’t offer gluten free rolls so it is just plain lobster on a bed of shredded lettuce  so the serving size seems pretty small for the price.


Takumi Taco

  • “Japanese-inspired Mexican street food”
  • chicken, spicy tuna and spicy shrimp tacos are gluten free

Takumi Taco is definitely a mainstay at food festivals in New York City, and for good reason. With its Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine, it sets itself apart from others thanks to its unique flavors and takes on the traditional Mexican street food that is found at so many other food trucks. However, with a permanent location in Chelsea Market and a semi-permanent location in Starrett Lehigh, we recommend saving this one for another day if you’re only making one stop at Mad. Sq. Eats. While it is obviously delicious (who doesn’t like a good taco), its gluten free options are limited and not as unique as some of the other items on their menu that are off-limits.


Two Tablespoons

  • **100% GLUTEN FREE**
  • also completely vegetarian
  • summer rolls and noodle salads featuring tons of fresh veggies

Thankfully New Yorkers are pretty health-conscious and interested in the farm-to-table movement, so many food trucks actually do offer healthy and fresh options to appeal to their client base. Two Tablespoons, however, takes it above and beyond by serving some of the freshest food I have ever tried at a food festival. There are three varieties of summer rolls on the menu, each one full of colorful vegetables, which are visible through the clear rice paper that they wrap them in. We tried the corn, coconut, and curry sauce and the tofu, quinoa, and almond sauce summer rolls, and were extremely impressed with both varieties’ flavors and heartiness. While I appreciate vegetarian food, I sometimes don’t feel like it is filling enough for a meal. The summer rolls are very large though, and feel satiating thanks to ingredients like tofu and quinoa. They also offer glass noodles salads, which looked equally delicious, that we look forward to trying out on our next trip.


 Bombay Sandwich Co.

  • platter with brown rice, sweet potato, and kale salad is gluten free

 People’s Pops

  • **100% GLUTEN FREE**
  • also dairy free and vegan


  • almost 100% gluten free, just make sure to ask for corn tortillas only or order your burrito as a bowl without the flour tortilla


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