Alchemy Creamery 

  • gluten and dairy free ice cream
  • available in a cup or gluten free cone
  • gluten free cone flavors are Chocolate Hazelnut, Toasted Coconut, and Cinnamon Brown Sugar
  • all toppings are also gluten free, including chocolate chip cookies

Despite being stuffed from all the great food I had already eaten, I knew I had to end the day with an ice cream cone from here. I ordered the Cinnamon Brown Sugar cone (gluten free!) with Salted Peanut Butter ice cream (gluten and dairy free!). It was so good that I think I will have to make a visit every weekend. I assumed that the cinnamon brown sugar flavor wouldn’t be that noticeable, but the cone itself was actually extremely flavorful and I could really taste the cinnamon. As a cinnamon-lover, this delighted me. The cone was also sturdy and did not fall apart despite the fact it was gluten free. I cannot wait to go back to try the other cone and ice cream flavors, like Chocolate Chai and Almond Vanilla… I’m already dreaming about them.

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Home Frite 

  • The fries here are incredible! And because they only serve French fries, there is no cross contamination in the fryers! Choose a sauce to go with your fries. Vegan options are noted on the menu. I recommend truffle if you can tolerate dairy, and the avocado dressing for the vegan crowd.

Bunna Café 

  • everything is gluten free as long as you order the gluten free injera; an Ethiopian sourdough flatbread that comes with every dish ($1-$2 extra) Ethiopian dishes with lots of delicious beans and legumes and veggies in fragrant sauces



  • different kinds of grilled meat, topped with delicious house-made sauces

Chickpea and Olive 

  • not completely gluten free but all sandwiches and toasts can be made with gluten free bread upon request
  • completely vegan

Dosa Royale 

  • gluten free dosas and fillings

Mighty Quinn's

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ 

  • everything (brisket and pulled pork with BBQ sauce) is gluten free as long as it is ordered without the roll
  • if you inform the staff of gluten allergy, they will switch gloves, clean cutting table, and use a new piece of meat in order to help prevent cross-contamination

This was definitely one of my favorite vendors despite the fact that I am not a huge BBQ fan. Their sauce was the perfect amount of sweet and the texture of the pulled pork was amazing. My friend enjoyed hers on a roll (NOT gluten free), but was equally impressed with the quality of meat and the house-made sauce. Additionally, the staff was incredibly friendly and was able to answer all of my questions regarding the gluten free menu options. After deciding on the pulled pork NOBREAD, each member of the staff changed gloves and cleaned the cutting table, and they even took out a new slab of pork in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. In terms of knowledge and helpfulness, the staff at Mighty Quinn’s was phenomenal.


  • 3 kinds of GF arepas to order and packaged to take home
  • can be topped with cheese, meat, veggies, or beans

Regal Vegan 

  • two GF dishes: zucchini noodles with kale, parsley, and basil pesto and the winter garden veggie pie
  • GF dishses are clearly labeled on menu

As I knew I would be trying a variety of foods from the countless vendors, I tried not to finish any of them for the sake of my stomach. However, all self-control went out the window once I tried the winter garden veggie pie at Regal Vegan, the only dish I ate every bite of on my visit. Filled with layers of roasted sweet and normal potatoes and cashew cheese, it tasted just like an indulgent Thanksgiving dish your grandmother would make, but it was healthy, or at least healthy-ish. The cashew cheese was really the cherry on top, as it was just as creamy and flavorful as real cheese but dairy free, meaning no upset stomach after eating it!



  • all dishes are gluten free if they are ordered without pita
  • serves 3  differerent shakshuka dishes

Shuka is a vendor devoted entirely to shakshuka, which consists of eggs poached in a spicy tomato-based sauce traditionally. Shuka, however, makes a variety of versions using different kinds of sauces. At Smorgasburg, they offer three of these varieties. I tried the “white” one, which has a hummus base. They also offer “red” (roasted red pepper and harissa) and “green” (asparagus and goat cheese) varieties. If you don’t like runny eggs, then Shuka probably isn’t for you. But if you’re like me and love any and all kinds of egg dishes, then you will love it just as much as I did. And while I can’t speak to the other kinds, I definitely recommend the hummus-based version, so I can only imagine the others are just as good!

Solber Pupusas 

  • pupusas are made of corn flour and resemble thick pancakes
  • can be filled with cheese, veggies, pork, beans, or a mixture of them all

While the pupusas are not the most photogenic item at Smorgasburg, they are one of the most delicious. Before I took a bite, I expected a bland corn pancake as it did not appear to contain anything. After biting into it, however, I realized it was filled with melting cheese and pork, making it the ultimate comfort food. As a child, I used to live off of grilled cheese but have not had one in a long time since going gluten free so this was a nice throwback. The outside of the pupusas were perfectly crisped as they were cooked on a griddle, but still soft inside, giving them the same effect of a grilled cheese made with well-buttered bread before being cooked on a stovetop or griddle. Just writing about them makes me want another, which I am clearly not alone in as this truck has been a fan-favorite for many years.

Tuk-Tuk Go 

  • Thai food
  • many gluten free options and a knowledgeable staff so feel free to ask questions



  • almost 100% GF but there might be specialty flavors that contain gluten, but the employees are knowledgeable so they can inform you if you ask
  • wide selection of flavors

While macarons are probably not the first thing I would go to Smorgasburg to get, they are a nice thing to bring home to eat yourself or to bring to a party! Vendome has a great selection of flavors, all of which are very colorful, meaning they make for a great picture! They are, of course, also very good. You might recognize the name as they also have a permanent spot in Saks Fifth Avenue, which should be a sufficient enough indicator of their quality if you don’t trust our opinion!


  • West African food

The owner worked in the Peace Corps in Africa, where he also learned about traditional West African food and cooking during his homestay there. He decided to open Woézõ to share his love of West African cuisine through traditional dishes that he has put his own touch on. Thankfully for us, many of the traditional dishes are naturally gluten free so you are free to eat everything here…and you will definitely want to! I personally recommend La Pate, which is made with a polenta base and then topped with a savory ginger stew and various veggies. And if you like spicy, definitely go for the Koliko yam fries, which are injected with homemade sriracha right in front of you. You won’t be disappointed!

Bamboo Bites 

  • ** all sticky rice snacks are COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE**

Good Stock 

  • two varieties of GF soup that are clearly labeled on the menu


  • mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish made with mashed plantains and topped with your choice of veggies and meat

The Good Batch 

  • offers one gluten free ice cream sandwich which is clearly labeled on the menu

Bombay Sandwich  Co. 

  • platter is gluten free and is clearly labeled on menu
  • platter comes with brown rice, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and salad



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