Munchery makes munching easy! The food is not only affordable, accessible, yummy, and fresh, but also serves another in need; for every meal you order, one meal is delivered to a local food bank. So now, you can feel even better about snacking on straight-from-the-farm-stand strawberries.

Munchery’s service is one-of-a-kind. Instead of businesses like Fresh Direct and that deliver your groceries to your door unprepared and unplated, Munchery brings colorfully packaged and properly proportioned cooked meals to your door. All you have to do is pop the entrée or dessert into the microwave or oven, and in a few minutes, you have a healthy, hot meal waiting for you.

The service is also wonderfully priced, with most dishes ranging from $10-$11. Who said eating healthy foods was uber expensive? People who have never heard of Munchery!

Perhaps the best part of the service, besides the welcoming deliverymen/women, choices of flexible delivery times, and the wonderfully packaged plates all labeled with caloric and allergy information, is the food. From the crème fresh and berries to the tofu stir-fry, every meal is 1000x better than Stouffers or Lean Cuisine can ever be, and with half the calories!

First, I started with the Creole-style peel and eat shrimp. Yes, the shrimp still had their skin on them, but they were so easy to peel that the skin flew off in a matter of seconds.  The Creole dipping sauce was perfect. I then moved onto the spinach salad. It was the perfect summer lunch. I just tossed the spinach with olive oil and lemon juice dressing, blue cheese, golden raisins and pine nuts, and I had myself a filling and fresh lunch.

Next was the brined and seared chicken breast served with a side of cannellini beans mixed with escarole, bacon, shallots, and whole grain mustard. There were two cooking instructions on the back of this package, one for the oven and one for the microwave, but being impatient to sink my teeth into the chicken, I opted for the microwave. Even though the dish had been sitting in my fridge for two days waiting to be consumed, the meat was just as succulent and juicy as I had imagined it would be on the first day it was cooked. I really could not believe that this meal was heated 100% in the microwave without leaving my taste buds depressed.

The vegan black pepper tofu stir-fry was the surprise of the day. It was awesome- I don’t know what Munchery did, but the black pepper rub on the tofu made the once-dull meat substitute seem like the shiny first option. It was honestly a must have.

Finally, for dessert, I tossed up the forest berry bowl. All in all, for dishes that were cooked, chilled, delivered, then reheated, Munchery beat most of the food delivery systems in my neighborhood price wise and taste wise. And then, when you’re done munching, recycle your Munchery containers properly. The company makes sure that each tray is made of “renewable bamboo, and sugarcane fiber, and is 100% compostable & biodegradable.” Slam dunk!

Tofu, Berries
Shrimp, Spinach Salad
Spinach Salad, Chicken

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