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As you all know, I moved into my new place early this summer. You can read allll about it in my blog post, here! One thing I BRIEFLY mentioned in the post is that I worked with a decorator, Dany, THE Spatial Soulutions. What I failed to go into detail on was how necessary Dany was to the entire moving in/decorating process. 

As a Holistic Interior Stylist, Dany works with clients on a plethora of services. I initially hired Dany to help me with the move. I knew if my house wasn’t organized on Day 1 that it would NEVER be organized. Prior to the move she came to the house to get a feel for it and a lay of the land. 

Dany taught me two valuable things during our process of working together. One, the Container Store should be my new best friend. Two, if something doesn’t have a home, or if it’s home is full, then I don’t need it! The inner hoarder in me is still getting used to this! I’m in AWE of the organization job Dany did. Bins and containers of every size fill my home in the most beautiful, natural way possible. The cooking oils are on a spinner, vitamins are categorized by bin, pots and pans are placed in a way so they fit with ZERO clutter… and that’s just my kitchen! 

I quickly realized I was going to need Dany for a lot more than just the organization; her eye for decor and making my vision (Tulum meets Venice but in West Hollywood) come to life were incredible! After making my interior a total MOOD, I tasked Dany with turning my roof into a mood, too!

Without further ado, here is my roof! By the end of my time at my old apartment, I was so over it and had such a negative relationship with it that I didn’t want to take anything to the new house. The ONE thing that did survive the move, however, was my kitchen table. It’s a rustic picnic table that I got at the flea market when I first moved to LA, and it is the perfect dining table for my roof. 

Similar to the interior, the goal for the rooftop was to create an amazing entertaining spice with a chill, Tulum vibe. We strung lights zig-zag across the rooftop which looks like MAGIC at sunset. The siding that separates my roof from neighbors isn’t the prettiest, so we hung macrames from Urban Outfitters on the sides. 

I’m a very private person, and was adamant about making a space where neighbors couldn’t see onto my roof. We ordered a light wood room divider off Amazon to shield my space. Dany is the QUEEN of plants. Like the ultimate plant lady, in the best way. For the roof, we picked up two cacti from the plant market in DTLA. It’s the perfect pop of color on the roof, and as I learned with from the interior, plants make the HUGEST difference and are necessary for a vibe. Dany also decorated the roof with candles which are both purposeful and decorative. 

Now for the (two) main attractions! THE COUCH. As I mentioned, I entertain OFTEN, and I love having large groups. My couch is the Teagarden Patio Sectional with Cushions from Wayfair. The sectional has two ottoman’s that when attached to the couch make little beds. I wanted as much seating space as possible so we also ordered plush cushions for the ground. Very Tulum, I know. The couch is decorated with fringe pillows from Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. 

The other main attraction is my chaise lounge set. I ordered the set from Joss & Main. They are solid wood with white cushions and recline/are easy to move around. 

Lastly, to complete the roof, I bought an umbrella from Amazon. I keep it down most of the time, but it is perfect for when I want shade during peak sun hours. 

I am OBSESSED with my roof. My whole home. DANY, IN FACT. The job she did is absolutely incredible, I honestly don’t know WHAT my interior or roof would look like right now if it wasn’t for her!! I will absolutely be living here for the next few years; my creative energy, life, and just EVERYTHING has improved because I am so happy here!

If you are moving, or want to revamp your current home, ABSOLUTELY contact Dany. You can find her at the links below!! xxo, #nobread 

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