506 Lofts

Welcome to 506 Lofts! The coolest vacation rentals I’ve come across in a while!! Located in Downtown Nashville, it is close to Broadway, but perfectly far enough away, haha! Each room has a different theme and is a total vibe. My room was the record room, with an art mural and deco to match. The one bedroom was super comfortable for my friend and I, but we totally could have had up to 4 of us in there given its size and pull-out couch.

What I love most about staying at a vacation rental versus a hotel is that it truly gives you a chance to make yourself at home. I went grocery shipping immidiately, given I was going to be in town for a week, and the kitchen was super spacious and came with everything I needed. Most importantly about the rental was that I felt safe. You have to log in electronically multiple times before even reaching your room! Also, there is a place (safely locked, too) to store your luggage and other large items so it doesn’t clutter in your room.

Now here is really WHY you should stay here. 506 Lofts gives away a percentage of each night’s stay to local nonprofits who are helping those experiencing homelessness in Nashville. By staying here, you provide a place to stay, food, and basic necessities to those who don’t have. Thank you so much 506 Lofts for having me! I’ll be back very soon!

To book a room at 506 Lofts, click here! 

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