Post Ranch Inn

Well it’s official. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to! I mean, just look at these views!


Pfeiffer Beach


Pfeiffer Beach

Before I get to all the amazing sites and views though, let’s start with…

The Food:


Post Ranch Inn- Restaurant


Post Ranch Inn- Restaurant

Big Sur definitely isn’t known for their gluten-free options, but there is plenty to eat anywhere you go! Our stay at Post Ranch included a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning, which was an incredible treat. Make-your-own omelettes, fruit bowls, bacon, frittatas, and more filled the spread, and we LOADED up every morning. I highly recommend having a big breakfast and bringing some fruit or trail mix snacks with you for lunch as you venture out for the day.


Post Ranch Inn’s Restaurant, Sierra Mar, is the ultimate fine-dining experience. Choose between the 4-course or 9-course tasting menu that changes daily. And when I say fine-dining, I mean it. The portions are small and be prepared to pay a pretty penny. If you’re not in the mood for the full Sierra Mar experience, room service is available too! Again, it’ll cost ya, so my friend and I didn’t eat at the ranch.

For my New Yorker’s, this is the Surf Lodge of Big Sur, and for my Los Angelinos, welcome to The Bungalow. Just a few minutes from Post Ranch, this happening spot is known for their incredible views and cocktails at sunset! I went for lunch, and in addition to several gluten-free menu options, there were plenty of NOBREAD-approved cocktails to be had too! The grilled artichoke and brussels sprouts with pine nuts and pancetta are the perfect way to start your meal, and any of the salads are perfect options for a main course. The menu is sandwich/burger heavy, but you can indulge as long as you ask for nobread!





Prior to my trip, I was told by my friends that Deetjen’s and Big Sur Bakery are the absolute MUST-HIT spots in Big Sur. Unfortunately, I was only in Big Sur for two days so I didn’t have the chance to try them. Big Sur Bakery is definitely bread-heavy as you can imagine from the name, and although Deetjen’s menu looks AMAZING, it is definitely made for the bread-eating, carb lover. Omelettes with nobread or eggs benedict with nobread, extra home fries, would be my orders here!

On our last night, we went to Bixby Bridge for sunset shots! The view is absolutely incredible, especially at “Golden Hour” and sunset! After you check out the bridge, go to Rocky Point Restaurant. Located right on the water, the restaurant offers beautiful views too! And the best part about the restaurant is that they note gluten-free items on their menu! The Rocky Point Seafood Louie, Calamari Salad, any of the burgers on gluten-free bread, Nantucket Scallops, Fisherman’s Cioppino, Sweet Potato Fries, and Lobster are gluten-free favorites!!


Bixby Bridge


Bixby Bridge

The staff here was also one of the kindest I have ever experienced… and that’s a bold statement coming from someone who eats at restaurants every day!

The Inn:


Post Ranch Inn- Meditation Pool


Post Ranch Inn- Meditation Pool

This is going to be hard to write, because the Inn left me speechless. To start, we stayed in “The Treehouse.” I had a little too much fun embracing my inner child staying here! Complete with a king bed, wood-burning fireplace, patio, and master bathroom, “The Treehouse” was for sure the nicest Treehouse I’ve ever been in. It also might be the nicest Treehouse that exists anywhere! But nevermind the room’s amenities, the views from our Treehouse were spectacular. Ocean out one side, landscape and mountains out the other.

What I really admired about Post Ranch Inn was the staff’s commitment to ensuring their guests had a peaceful, serene, and private experience. All car’s are parked in a lot at the Ranch’s main house, and the road the Treehouse/cottages are on is private, so you don’t have to deal with hearing car engines and noise out your window! My favorite area of the Ranch was the Meditation Pool. The ranch has two infinity pools– both are beautiful and heated!



Post Ranch Inn- Restaurant


Post Ranch Inn- Restaurant


We checked out McWay falls at Sunrise. Going at sunrise is the way to go! We had the whole view to ourselves! We then hiked Ewoldsen Trail. The trail was beautiful, and pretty tough! Expect this to take you ~3 hours. I also recommend checking out Pfeiffer Beach for sunset. It was one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen. The sun sets through a stone arch, illuminating the arch and the beach.

One thing to note about Big Sur… you will have ZERO cell service unless you are in your room on WiFi. But hey, it’s nice to ditch the phone for a little bit, right?


Post Ranch Inn- Treehouse


Post Ranch Inn- Meditation Pool

Check out Post Ranch Inn here!

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