The Publishing House Bed & Breakfast

All it took was one step inside to make me fall in love with The Publishing House Bed & Breakfast. The Urban Loft, located in West Loop, opened just eight weeks ago and is already one of Chicago’s go-to overnight destinations.

Think SoHo House, Neuehouse (or any of the new, trendy “houses” emerging on the scene) but throw in a cute, cozy, living environment that is upscale yet feels totally casual. Lot’s of adjectives in there… so if you’re confused, here are some pics to set the mood!


Publishing House B&B has 11 rooms. Each visitor is given a code to enter the B&B and also given a room key. I stayed in the Harvey Room which was the most beautiful, comfortable hotel room I have stayed in TO DATE. And we all know how much I travel…

A huge bed, super modern and trendy bathroom, mirror wall, large TV, counter, desk space and more, I was told prior to my stay that Harvey was a “nice, small room.” If this is one of the house’s “small” rooms, I need to go back ASAP to see one of the big ones!!

On the top floor you will find the living room and kitchen. See below…

Breakfast is served between 7:30am and 9:30am on weekdays and 8:00am to 10:00am on weekends, with the coffee station opening at 7:00am on both days. Speaking of breakfast, let’s talk about the FOOD!


The breakfast at Publishing House is AMAZING. Kimberly, one of the owners, cooks breakfast every morning, offering a selection of homemade pastries and two menu options. For my visit, the buffet bar had gluten-free donuts and GF granola! WIN! The two menu items offered that day were poached eggs on avocado, sweet potato, and quinoa, and an omelette of the day. This type of incredible menu (with rotating dishes) is offered every day!!

Not only did I love the ambiance and all of the features of Publishing House, but I am totally smitten with the area. If (or WHEN) I move to Chicago, I’m without a doubt moving to West Loop. Publishing House is located in-between Randolph and Washington, the two streets in the area with all the best, hotspot restaurants!! So where did I eat?


Au Cheval:
Located a few blocks away is Au Cheval, home of the best burger in the U.S., or so Bon Appetit says! Gluten-Free and worried you won’t be able to indulge because of the bread? Think again! Au Cheval offers their famous burgers on a crispy hash brown bun, and it is life changing!

Lou Malnati’s:
Chicago is FAMOUS for their pizza, specifically their deep-dish crust, and Lou Malnati’s is Chicago’s most well-know pizza spot. Did you know they have a gluten-free deep dish sausage crust, and a gluten-free thin-crust?! Prepare to have your mind BLOWN. Literally. I’ve never seen anything like the sausage crust pizza before, and one bite had me understanding all of the hype!

Real Food Juice Co:
I am on a serious smoothie kick right now, and when I travel, it’s SO hard to maintain my healthy diet given I don’t start my day off with a smoothie. To make up for this, I try to find the smoothie hotspot of whatever destination I am in. Insert Real Food Juice Co, with several locations around Chicago, most of which are within Whole Foods. So up my ally! I went to the local Real Food Juice Co and ordered the ultimate smoothie and couldn’t have been happier!

I was in Chicago to host an influencer dinner with Nima Sensor, and Beatrix Restaurant in Fulton was so gracious to host! The spacious was so beautiful, and the cuisine was gluten-friendly and top notch. In fact, prior to my trip to Chicago, countless followers told me Beatrix was a must-try while I was there! As proven by my dinner with Nima at Beatrix, the team takes gluten allergies and sensitivities INCREDIBLY seriously, and offers gluten-free diners an amazing experience. Chocolate lovers- try the salmon! It is covered in a chocolate glaze!!

Headed to Chicago soon? Make sure to reserve a room at Publishing House!!

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