Silver Fern Endurance

Last month I told you all about my love for Silver Fern Probiotic! Silver Fern’s performance products are natural, gluten-free, and vegan, and they have a Microbiologist formulate who’s dealt with the Micro-boime for 25+ years! Well introducing Silver Fern Endurance-  an energy product formulated from the same microbiologist that formulated the SF Ultimate Probiotic! It works at a cellular level and actually builds the overall energy your cells are able to hold over time- more cellular energy = longer, more sustained energy throughout your day/workout. There is no crash effect with this product because it is not a stimulant.

As the Silver Fern team explained to me, “Most energy products work by stimulating the central nervous system to accelerate the metabolism and produce energy. In most cases, caffeine is the stimulant and B vitamins are added as cellular fuel. This method works for energy boosts but as the stimulant wears off it inevitably leads to a crash. One of the main reasons for the energy crash is that the stimulants push the cells to their maximum capacity and complete exhaustion.”

Silver Fern Endurance creates a sustained energy boost without the crash and without the recovery time, and it trains your cells to work smarter instead of harder! This means more energy for a longer period of time.

Endurance Key Ingredients:

Vitamin K2-7- heart, brain and bone health.
Alpha-GPC- Increases communication between muscles and nerves
Vitamin B6- increases metabolism of energy through the transport of oxygen and is considered a food source for energy.
Vitamin B12- improves energy levels and reverses symptoms of fatigue
D-Ribose- critical role in energy production. Muscle recovery and repair.
Ferrazone®- iron supplement
Green Tea Extract- antioxidants
L-Theanine- calmness and alertness

This energy supplement gives your body the energy it needs to complete your day’s goals. I like to take my drink after a workout to sustain and promote my energy, or with lunch so I can boost my afternoon!

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