I think it’s fair to say truffle was the food craze of 2014, and the craze isn’t disappearing anytime soon. From truffle fries to truffle pasta, I’ve never met a truffle-infused dish I didn’t like. New York City restaurants not only pride themselves on their truffle entrees, but compete with one another as to who has the most eccentric, yet delicious, use of truffle. Truffle is the most essential ingredient to any 5-star meal, and has New York City absolutely infatuated.

Truffle on your FRIES: De Santos

Truffle fries are near and dear to my heart. Why? Well, when I became gluten free 5 years ago, the lack of bread and pasta with my meals made me hungry and unhappy. De Santos’s side order of truffle fries comes in the perfect size. You WILL eat every single fry so trust me when I say it is a blessing in disguise the dish isn’t any bigger. Also, unlike other truffle fry dishes that just drizzle the oil on top, De Santos chef does a phenomenal job of spreading the truffle wealth to all the fries. Best with your meal and even better at the bar to accompany a late night drink, the truffle fries at De Santos hit the spot.


Truffle on your BURGER: Burger and Barrel

Reasons why you should go to Burger and Barrel: fun for groups, dudes love it, and the truffle burger. For about two months of the year B&B serves this heavenly creation; a white truffle burger for one month in the spring and a black truffle burger for about one month in the fall. The truffle is actually shaved ON to the burger and the absurdly delicious flavor speaks for itself. This truffle burger on a gluten free bun + truffle fries = heaven on a plate.


Truffle on your EGGS- TORO

What should you do when you see a menu of all tapas at ~$11-$13 and then one priced at $50? Order it. The huevos con white truffle at Toro redefines breakfast for dinner and manages to integrate my three favorites: Spain, eggs, and truffles. Yes this dish is essentially scrambled eggs with shrimp and shaved white truffles but it gives “flavors of Spain” a whole new meaning. $3 eggs with ketchup or $50 eggs with truffles; I’ll stick with the latter. When this dish is out of season, the paella with black truffles will suffice… as will the rest of Toro’s menu.

Truffle on your PASTA- Maialino

Prior to my first visit to Maialino I was told I couldn’t leave without having the fried artichokes. Screw the artichokes; you can’t leave Maialino without having one of the pastas with truffle. A truffle supplement can be added to any pasta dish for $30+ (depending on the market price). Obviously pricey, so save it for the next time you grab dinner with your parents or for the next time your boyfriend is paying. Like everything else at Maialino, the truffle pastas are out of this world. The braised suckling pig with arugula is my favorite; add the truffles… I’ll just stop there.

Maialino 5

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