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When quinoa emerged on the health food scene a year or two ago, it without a doubt became the most popular grain on the market for both the gluten-free and gluten-full crowd. The grain is a complete source of protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids. For those of us who are gluten free, quinoa in an incredibly popular pasta substitute, but now GF food companies and chefs have found more uses for the superfood. Quinoa oatmeal is now a popular menu item, and quinoa is also used in snacks!

The team at i heart keenwah LOVES quinoa, and has introduced a line of quinoa bites that are sweet and healthy! These quinoa-based bites are natural, gluten-free, and really good! I had the opportunity to taste three flavors; chocolate sea salt, cashew cranberry, and peanut butter cacao. The chocolate flavor was my favorite, but I’m bias and love all things chocolate. The cashew cranberry was my runner-up, and the cranberry flavor meshed very well with the cashew crunch. The quinoa clusters also come in an almond flavor and peanut ginger flavor. The bites are packed with protein, too, so they’ll keep you nice and full. I recommend trying these bites for yourself; I recently put them out at a party I was hosting and within minutes the bowl was empty!

Where to Buy: http://shop.iheartkeenwah.com/

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