Cinnamon Dusted Sweet Potato Chips

Today I pay homage to one of my favorite foods, the sweet potato. Roasted, baked, fried; I love sweet potato in all of its forms! I also love chips… maybe it’s because I love salt or maybe it’s because I like to snack, but chips are currently, and forever will be my go-to snack. I may not have a fryer, but I’ve started making my own sweet potato chips! And I’d like to think that mine are a bit healthier… without sacrificing flavor!

What You Will Need:

3- 5″ long Sweet potatoes. 1-2″ diameter
2 T Olive Oil
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
1 T Cinnamon Powder

What You Will Do: 

Peel and Wash sweet potatoes.
Slice into circles- make your slices as thin as possible!!

Lay sweet potato slices on a baking sheet and top with 2T Olive oil. Also add Salt and Cinnamon.
Toss and mix!

Cook at 350 for 20 minutes, flip/mix sweet potato chips, and cook for another 15 minutes at 400!

The sweet potato chips will be nice and crisp when they are done cooking… and you can leave them in the oven until they’ve reached your desired level of crispiness! The cinnamon is a total plus, giving the chips a nice flavor without any added sugar. It may be June, but I will for sure be making these chips next Thanksgiving!

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