Cruncha ma-me

Cruncha ma-me is a healthy, NOBREAD approved snack made from freeze-dried edamame. Co-founder and Executive Chef, Peggy Collie, once worked as a private chef specializing in natural food, and wrote for Cook’s Illustrated magazine. She is dedicated to making nutritious snacks, and she is also a major proponent of a plant-based diet. Many veggie snacks are essentially glorified potato chips when you look at the nutritional content, but Cruncha ma-me is different. Pro: they are healthier and high protein. Con: they don’t taste like a potato chip! But they are still delicious, especially in the flavored varieties. Cruncha ma-me comes in sea salt and black pepper, jalapeno, lightly seasoned, and my favorite, onion and chive! I like to eat cruncha ma-me after the gym for a protein kick or toss them in my salads. Not only are they gluten free, they are non-GMO verified and vegan. Order them from Amazon and add edamame to your snacking arsenal!

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