Parmesan Crisps



Is it a cracker? Or is it cheese? Well, it’s 100% cheese and it tastes just like a cracker! I like to call it a modern day and health conscious Cheez-It. Brought to us by Kitchen Table Bakers, these handmade parmesan cheese crisps are healthy, and most importantly, GLUTEN FREE. Developed in 2003, the crisps are pure cheese, NOBREAD approved, trans fat free, sugar free, and a good source of calcium and protein! I first tried the classic aged parmesan; it was delicious and had the perfect amount of crunch. If you like salt, you’re in for a treat as the chips are quite salty. I also sampled the caraway seed flavor, which I really enjoyed. The caraway seeds reminded me of rye bread, which I haven’t had in so long! The Kitchen Table Bakers make several cheese crisp varieties including garlic, everything, sesame, and chia seed. They are delicious alone, in salad, or topped with fig jam and prosciutto (just an idea!). I’m looking forward to trying the basil pesto and the jalapeno flavors, because I know I can make some awesome NOBREAD appetizers with those for my next party. You can purchase parmesan crisps online or check the Kitchen Table Bakers website for store locations and some awesome GF recipes!


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