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As head matriarch on Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford’s character, Lily Humphrey, ran New York City. So when we found out Mrs. NYC was gluten free, we knew we needed to catch up with Kelly and chat NOBREAD. Kelly explains why she went gluten free, how she is feeling now, and some of her favorite NYC restaurants!


How long have you been gluten free? What made you want to go GF?
I am gluten free unless I am in Europe; then I do eat a little bread. I have been GF for about a year. I just feel so much better; I have more energy and feel clearer. Just lighter and really my digestive system seems happier.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned it’s tough to be gluten free when you travel, especially when you go to Paris. What is it about Paris that makes gluten free a challenge?
I give myself freedom. When I am home I eat all organic and do my best to find great organic restaurants like Le Pain Quotidien. Yet I also live my life. The same goes for GF… I will eat bread when in Europe sometimes really as a treat- it’s so good there. There are restaurants in Paris now that are GF… I just eat potatoes or french fries instead of bread.

How has NOBREAD made dining out in NYC easier?
Great ideas for those of us looking for options that make GF easy!



Date night- White Street – 221 W. Broadway- TriBeCa- American- $$$$ (Map)

Girls night outAny New Place 

BrunchSoHo House- 29 9th Ave- Meatpacking District- Lounge- $$$$ *Members Only* (Map)

People Watching- White Street 221 W. Broadway– TriBeCa- American- $$$$ (Map)

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