LA Vegan Smart Brunch

LA Vegan Smart Brunch – Sunday July 12th, 2015

Tucked away in downtown LA’s budding art’s district are a bunch of graffiti-laden buildings housing co-ops, lofts and restaurants. A couple days ago, The Container Yard, one of these warehouse buildings, opened up its doors to host a Vegan brunch for guests to educate themselves on a healthy and vegan lifestyle (and to try out some goodies while at it!) The event was hosted by Miami’s @BADASSVEGAN (trainer/health pro, John Lewis) and @VEGANFOODSHARE who also hosted a similar brunch in Miami earlier this year.

The indoor/outdoor space displayed great art and photographs, had graffiti artists working outside, a DJ and plenty of beverages to keep us cool under the hot LA sun. Along with the hosts mentioned above, the event was sponsored by VeganSmart, a gluten, soy and dairy free protein powder, that comes in a variety of different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Guests were able to taste the various flavors in delicious protein shake samples. My favorite snack was definitely the ice cream, which was just as creamy and flavorful as any regular dairy ice cream. The best part of all was that the above-mentioned treats were gluten-free as well!

See below for more images of the event!

vegan vegan1 vegan2 vegan4 vegan5-1 vegan5

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