The Konery

The Konery is the maker of my favorite gluten-free ice cream cones! The cones are infused with gourmet ingredients, and hand rolled in their facility in Brooklyn. There are five different flavors: french vanilla, cinnamon brown sugar, toasted coconut, chocolate hazelnut, and birthday cake. They come in original and miniature sized, and they are a great way to make ice cream taste even better. The cones taste amazing on their own; you can crunch them up and use them as a topping for other desserts or simply eat them as is. My favorite flavor is toasted coconut; it tastes especially amazing with rum raisin ice cream. The cones can be purchased online and can also be found at some of our favorite restaurants such as DF Mavens and at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn!

Where to buy: 

Gluten free and vegan ice cream at DF Mavens

Gluten free and vegan ice cream


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