5 Quick GF Tips


  1. Plan your meals around protein and produce. This mindset will help you focus on foods that are naturally gluten free and healthy.
  2. Embrace the potato! Whether you want the root vegetable for a healthy meal (roasted sweet potato) or for an indulgence (truffle fries), let the potato be your go-to filling carbohydrate! *Always make sure fried potatoes are cooked in a separate fryer from other foods containing gluten*
  3. Invest in a spiralizer. Your friends and magazines are right- it’s worth it. Learn to make noodles out of everything from zucchini to carrots. The key to a delicious GF noodle dishes is the sauce. Make your own or pick up a jar at Trader Joe’s; I promise you everything tastes better with a little peanut sauce or pesto.
  4. Master the art of risotto. It’s everything you might miss about pasta, but has so much potential for variation. Try melting a hunk of parmesan cheese into your risotto; you’ll burn the calories from the cheese off as you stir away at your dish as it cooks on the stove!
  5. Eat out NOBREAD style! Check restaurant menus to see what your options are. Restaurants are getting more GF-friendly everyday. Another tip: the gluten free dishes chefs create can be downright brilliant. Use restaurants as a source of inspiration for your cooking, whether it be by experimenting with a new grain, trying a new veggie, or creating a unique spice combo!


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