1. NuGo 


Most of NuGo’s bars are gluten free and vegan and most importantly, they are all coated in real dark chocolate. NuGo Slim bars are high in protein and low in sugar and come in flavors such as brownie crunch, roasted peanut, raspberry truffle, and espresso! They have less than three grams of sugar and more than fifteen grams of protein, and they will absolutely keep you full and energized. The NuGo Dark bars, my personal favorite, are higher in sugar but richer in taste. The best flavor is the Dark Chocolate Pretzel, which has a sprinkle of sea salt on top. The NuGo Free line is completely GF, vegan, and soy free, and perfect for people like myself who are free of all three. Try the dark chocolate trail mix and thank me after!

2. Chia Warrior 


Chia Bars are GF, soy-free, vegan, all natural, and non-GMO. Chia seeds are trendy for a reason: they are an absolute power food packed with protein, fiber, omega-3s, minerals, and antioxidants. They also expand in your digestive system, making you feel full longer. Bonus: the bars are only 100 calories! So diet friendly! The flavors are delicious- apple cinnamon, mango, chocolate peanut butter, banana nut, coconut, coffee, acai berry, and dark chocolate cherry. My favorites are banana nut and apple cinnamon. They are delicious and have less than five grams of sugar. In addition, they have three grams of protein and four grams of fiber!

3. KIND 5g sugar



KIND bars are a longtime favorite amongst those in the health food community. All KIND Healthy Snacks are gluten free, and some of the most delicious flavors are peanut butter & strawberry, blueberry vanilla & cashew, and dark chocolate mocha almond. My personal favorite is the almond and coconut; it is perfectly sweet and filling. The dark chocolate nuts & sea salt only has five grams of sugar and packs seven grams of protein. With high quality ingredients and unique varieties, KIND bars are an awesome choice.

4. Mediterra 


Mediterra’s savory bars are absolutely brilliant and they are the perfect snack for when you need a little fuel. The Mediterra sundried tomato and basil bar is made with ingredients like pea protein, cashews, and olive oil. It has six grams of protein and only four grams of sugar. Mediterra’s second flavor- black olive and walnut- features hints of green pepper, chive, and rosemary extract. Pick up these GF, non-GMO, and all natural bars for a unique and nutritious snack.

5. The GFB 


The GFB products are certified gluten-free/vegan/ kosher, GMO free, and soy-free. The bars and bites are made with nuts and dates and they’re a great source of Omega-3 thanks to the use of flaxseed. They have an average of twelve grams of protein, but have up to twenty grams of sugar. You don’t have to worry about cross contamination because the facility is dedicated gluten free! The bars come in flavors like cranberry toasted almond, dark chocolate coconut, and coconut cashew crunch. The dark chocolate coconut is my favorite- it tastes like a Samoa Girl Scout cookie! The company also makes GFB bites that are amazing as well; they make for the perfect snack or dessert and they are packed with protein, just like the bars.

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