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Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe can most adequately be described as the quintessential candy shop. With walls of clear dispensers displaying a wide variety of bright candies, Steiber’s setting is enough to elicit giddy excitement in anyone. Despite preferring savory to sweet, the presentation was enticing enough to have me craving candy after entering the space. Thankfully, a great deal of the candy is safe for the NOBREAD crowd, including all of the gummies and almost all of the chocolates (just watch out for the malted balls!). Additionally the owner, Lee Manne, is well informed about gluten so she can answer any questions you have if you are unsure about the GF status of any of the treats.

Stieber’s is more than just an awesome place to get your sugar fix on the run. It also offers weekly candy sushi-making classes where Lee demonstrates how to make “sushi” out of rice krispies and a various assortment of gummy candies. You can also book a class for a group, making it the perfect spot for parties. IMPORTANT: it is necessary to inform the shop that you are gluten free in advance! The rice krispies are not gluten free, but with advanced notice, the candy shop will be sure to provide GF rice krispies. While such a class obviously appeals to children, it’s also a really fun and unique idea for adults, and the over 21 crowd is welcome to bring along a bottle of wine!

I would definitely recommend Stieber’s– a traditional candy store as well as a party venue–to all of my friends. I personally cannot wait to go back and fill a take-out box with candy from the dispensers just like I used to do as a kid. My visit to Stieber’s showed me that one is never too old to be excited about candy!

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