Ketosis: Why I did it. Or do it…

KETOSIS. If you’re in the health and wellness world in any capacity you’ve probably heard the term, Ketosis. So what the hell is it? Ketosis is a process where your body metabolizes fats and turns them into ketones, which your body uses for energy. To put your body into Ketosis, say goodbye to carbs and sugar! Some refer to Ketosis as a ‘low-carb diet,’ as to be in ketosis you have to maintain a diet of under Net 20 Grams of carb! Net Carb= Total Carb in Food – Total Fiber.

Okay so REAL TALK. WHY did I want to try Ketosis? For a few months now I’ve been feeling bad. Reacting to the slightest bit of gluten, feeling permanently bloated, gaining weight, brain fog, crazy anxiety… I’ll stop there. People kept telling me I must have been feeling stressed, or maybe “I ate something.” Dammit, no. I know my body… something was up. The kicker was the weight gain. See, I was eating CRAZY healthy. You know, a banana and nut-butter for breakfast, a tray of roasted veggies for lunch, and more or less the same for dinner. My snacks were a serving of potato or corn chips. Ah and I guess I wasn’t totally healthy; by now we all know about my sweet tooth and love for chocolate.

Well I was having lunch with my FRIEND and nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, and I was telling her about all of my symptoms! In a nutshell she told me my body was running on carbs, and carbs turn into glucose in your body, so my body was using sugar for energy. She told me I need to be on a high fat/moderate protein/ LOW CARB diet, and to get my body to run on energy burned from fat.

I started counting the carbs in the food I was eating. 
Breakfast: Banana and Peanut Butter (26 Net Carb +5 Net Carb)
Brussels Sprouts: 1 Sprout= 1 Net Carb. So when I had 10-20 in one sitting, see-ya Ketosis! 

The verdict? Well after going through a bit of the Keto-flu (yes, this is real! While your body converts from a state of running on glucose to running on fats, you can feel some flu-like side effects), I came out the other side feeling pretty awesome! More energy, WAY LESS ANXIETY, less brain fog, and a nice de-bloat.

To be honest, I still go back and forth between whether or not Ketosis is right for me. It’s been about 2 months now. I lost the 4 pounds of bloat I was carrying around (to all my friends who had to listen to me talk about ‘gaining weight’- I knew I was right! I was bloated as F!) BUT, Ketosis is SUPER HARD TO MAINTAIN while living an active social life. I’m not one to turn down a party, or a drink, or a lavish meal, ha! That’s why I use Keto OS! Keto OS puts your body into Ketosis within 90 minutes of drinking it. By using these packets, I can stay in Ketosis, but let up a little on the diet, and sneak in that cheat. More on Keto OS here! 

People most often use Ketosis for weight lost. It’s important for me to tell you that the weight I lost was weight that had been unexpectedly put on over the last say 2-3 months, and weight that I knew was water weight. After the first week when I lost those 4 pounds of water, I haven’t lost any additional weight.

Keto OS:

keto2 smoothie

My typical Keto Meals:

milkand IMG_7654small

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