For some people, mornings are the worst part of the day. The grogginess and disruption of peaceful sleep is enough to make some swear they can never be a morning person. However, with a few simple tricks you can turn the morning into your favorite part of the day!

  • Drink a Glass of Water

This seems so simple, which is why you should do it! A glass of water in the morning is shown to boost metabolism, flush toxins, and energize your muscles. Most importantly, drinking a glass of water in the morning kick starts your brain! The brain is made of 75% water, and when you drink a glass of water you provide it with the electrical energy it needs to work right.

  • Exercise

If you wake up in the morning to work out, you are doing something right! Exercising in the morning has shown to provide a wide range of benefits, including higher memory recall and better executive brain function. So lace up the running shoes or grab your yoga mat and have a morning sweat session to start your day.

  • Map Out Your Day

Planning your day when you wake up in the morning is a great way to maximize the potential of the day. The early hours of the day are often the most quiet, so it’s a good time to reflect and figure out how to fit everything into your busy schedule.

  • Eat Breakfast!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is something we have all heard time and time again. And its true! Eating breakfast in the morning is shown to kick-start your metabolism, and gives you the energy you need to make it through the day. Also, many studies have shown eating breakfast is linked to good health, better memory, and a lower chance of developing certain diseases.

So what do we at NOBREAD recommend you eat for breakfast??


If you are feeling creative: Attempting to make an instagram-worthy Acai Bowl is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing. Use gluten-free granola, of course! Check out this photo and this photo to get some inspiration for your bowl.

If you want to something healthy and easy: Make avocado toast by toasting GF bread and topping it with mashed avocado, salt, and pepper. If you want to jazz up your avocado toast we suggest topping it with a fried egg or some pomegranate seeds!

If you are in a rush: If you are looking for something quick and easy to grab and eat on the go, we recommend yogurt topped with GF granola or a banana. We also recommend a breakfast bar, such as the new Kind Breakfast Bar (my current addiction)

If you want to splurge: We at NOBREAD love pancakes- it is our favorite dish to cook! Make them with gluten-free flour, OR go flourless by making pancakes with eggs and a banana! Check this recipe out!

Kick start your morning by following these NOBREAD tips and check out the breakfast section of NOBREAD Recipes.