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Chances are you’ve already tried Organic Valley products, and if you’re in the small percent of people who haven’t, it’s time for you to jump on board. Why do I say so? Well, Organic Valley is THE brand when it comes to fresh and organic dairy and produce, and with products including milk, yogurt, protein shakes, cream, eggs, butter, cheese, and more, OV has a product that will suit your dairy craving! Known for their organic dairy products, Organic Valley is all about family farms, authenticity, playfulness and caring. Best of all, all Organic Valley products are sustainably made without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics or GMOs!

I’ve bought Organic Valley eggs since I can remember, but this week I had the opportunity to try the Organic Half & Half, and I was thoroughly impressed. H&H is all about quality, flavor, authenticity, simplicity, and exclusivity, and whether you go with the classic or with one of the flavors, you won’t be disappointed. I personally love the hazelnut! As the company states, “People will go to great lengths to find just the right coffee, so we decided to make it a little easier for folks to find just the right Half & Half. Made of nothing but organic cream and milk, Organic Valley Half & Half is pure, pasture-raised goodness.”

Recently, I saw the most adorable video from the Organic Valley team. The video is titled, “World’s Best Cup of Coffee, Just Add Coffee.” Cute concept right?! Organic Valley farmer, Garrit Van Tol, stars in a delightful video campaign that brings him from the farm to Manhattan to open a real coffee shop. It’s the world’s first Organic Half & Half bar where confused New Yorkers buy a cup of the world’s best half & half – then add the coffee of their choice at the free condiment bar. The video has received a lot of fanfare from places like Sprudge and AdWeek (as ad of the day 🙂 ), and you can watch the video here!

This week, we are featuring a giveaway from Organic Valley on our @NOBREAD Instagram! Click here to check it out and participate! You will be entered into a contest to win an Organic Valley Gift Basket. Items include:
  • Organic Valley Half & Half
  • A French press
  • Coffee beans (from Marley Coffee)
  • A travel mug
  • Organic Valley coupons


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