White Claw Hard Seltzer

whiteclawWhite Claw Hard Seltzer is not the typical sugar-laden flavored alcoholic drink that you normally find in the grocery store. Rather, it is a perfectly refreshing, light option with just a hint of real fruit flavor and only 4g of sugar and 110 calories! Plus, it isn’t malted like most other options, meaning it is also gluten-free! Its fresh, light taste and awesome nutrition stats make it the perfect summer drink!

White Claw comes in three varieties: Natural Lime, Black Cherry, and Ruby Grapefruit. They are all equally refreshing and crisp, but Black Cherry is definitely my favorite as the subtle hint of cherry reminds me of my childhood favorite, Black Cherry Soda. None of the flavors are too strong or too sweet, either, so they can all be served alongside any summer meal without overpowering the food.

If you have any upcoming get-togethers, White Claw is a great drink to have on hand as a nice alternative to the typical beer and wine. No bottle opener is required as the hard seltzer comes in convenient 12 oz. cans that are perfect for parties!

To purchase some White Claw Hard Seltzer for yourself, visit their website to find stores near you that sell it!

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